Consumer Product Safety Testing

We are the safety, quality and performance engineering testing and consulting company you want working with your team to determine product compliance needs before they become issues. Established in 1988, we assist manufacturers, product developers and designers in obtaining worldwide product approvals and certification.

We guide you through the process – from prototyping, manufacturing, launch and post-launch redesign. Minimize time and expense related to bringing a product to market by having your product reviewed, analyzed and tested at PSC’s lab before it’s submitted to an agency for approval. Leverage our more than 150 years of collective safety and compliance engineering experience.

No matter where your product is in its lifecycle, PSC is prepared to help. In every case, we are committed to getting you through the entire certification in the least time and for the least expense.

Preliminary Design Review – We evaluate drawings, schematics, and/or a product’s construction for the purpose of compliance with established standards and assist in finalizing the design. We work with clients to determine the appropriate standard(s) to which your product will be evaluated and tested, provide recommendations on component selection, establish guidelines for meeting the requirements, and other common issues. We then develop a set of recommendations on how to proceed through the certification process in the shortest time, and for the least cost.

Construction Evaluation – If you already have a prototype, or have a product that has not yet been evaluated to the standard you need, we conduct a thorough examination of a product’s construction by going through the relevant standard(s) clause-by-clause. We then produce a detailed report that documents non-compliances and provides specific solutions for each one. Based on this information, we confirm the correct testing regime and prepare the product for testing.

Testing Capabilities  – We are fully qualified to conduct a wide range of testing necessary for most US and European standards. If we do not have equipment on site to perform a specific test, we can arrange the procurement of the necessary equipment on a rental or lease basis. All testing is done on NIST-calibrated equipment and in appropriately controlled environments.

Submittal Management – We offer complete project management of the submittal of a product to the NRTL, from submittal until certification is issued. We will work to resolve any and all issues that arise as part of this process. In the event that you elect to have the NRTL conduct testing, and the product fails a test, we will work with you and the NRTL to fully document each non-compliance. We will then provide specific recommendations for how to bring the product into compliance, and make a re-submittal.

Field Evaluations – If your product is already installed in the field, we can evaluate and test it in order to provide certification for a specific instance of installation, rather than certification for the entire production of a product, for compliance to the applicable requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) and the relevant local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). If the product(s) is (are) in compliance, we will confirm with the inspector and issue a report. Depending on which NRTL is being used for certification, we can even apply a label to the product upon completion of our evaluation.

Safety Beyond Standards – SBS is our philosophy – it’s how we think and how we help you design your products. We recognize that product safety standards too often represent the minimum requirements. We help you take safety to the next levels – working with PSC you raise the bar so your product not only meets, but exceeds, the standards. We offer a wide range of services including hazard-based engineering assessments, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Accelerated Life Testing.