Design for Safety Approvals: DFSA®

Because we know the value added when you build solutions into products up front, we created Design For Safety Approvals– DFSA®. Bring us in at the front-end. Save yourself lost time, money and customers by understanding the compliance requirements in detail before products come off the drawing board.


With DFSA…

  • Product evaluations are done earlier.
  • Approval lead times are reduced from months to weeks.
  • Costs associated with retooling are reduced or eliminated.
  • Drawings can be developed with the appropriate specifications.
  • Concept sketches help determine appropriate standards and specify requirements.
  • Prototypes are constructed closer to production to give more accurate results of preliminary testing for performance and safety.
  • Engineers confirm construction issues such as spacing, wiring, and component placement for compliance.
  • Results of safety and preliminary performance tests are more accurate.
  • Additional tests confirm material temperature limits, ventilation needs and adequacy of over-current and over-temperature.