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Slope Enclosures

Slope Enclosures

Sloping, Durable, Large Internal Area 

High quality desktop or wall-mount enclosure with PCNB mounting bosses on top and bottom, supplied with 4 self-tapping assembly screws.

  • The desk case range covers many different applications in industry, medical laboratories and office environments.
  • 6 Sizes
  • Sloping top sections with opening for aluminum front panels (accessories)
  • Screw bosses for PCB's on top and bottom
  • Recessed area available on some models
  • Knockouts for wall-mounting
  • Raised rear section for installation of grommets and connectors


Product List

Slope Enclosures

Product Names Size Color Battery Type Part Number
SESS-007 Type 1 with Recessed Area 1.85/1.26H x 5.43W x 7.48L" Black, Off-White N/A SESS-007
SESL-007 Type 2 with Recessed Area 2.09/1.26H x 7.48W x 5.43L" Black, Off-White N/A SESL-007
SEDS-007 Type 3 with Recessed Area 7.48H x 5.43W x 2.75/2.14L" Black, Off-White N/A SEDS-007
SEDL-008 Type 4 with Recessed Area 5.43H x 7.48W x 2.99/2.14L" Black, Off-White N/A SEDL-008
SE-107 Type 5 with Aluminum panel 2.99/1.97H x 8.50W x 8.98L" Off-White Top, Pebble Grey Bottom N/A SE-107
SE-165 Type 6 with Aluminum panel 3.94/2.05H x 6.14W x 8.66L" Off-White Top, Pebble Grey Bottom N/A SE-165

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