Custom Fabricated Enclosures

Manufacturing Methods Available:
Available Fabrication Options
Marking & Labeling:

Request a Quotation

To request a quote, just email us your requirements. For the quickest and most accurate quoting, we'll need the following vital pieces of information about your project:

    1. Quantity
      We have no minimum order quantity, but larger batches make for a lower per-unit price.
    2. Manufacturing Method
      Enclosures can be manufactured using one of three basic techniques:

      • Machined – The enclosure is hollowed out of a single piece of material.
      • Metal Bending– The enclosure is milled out of a flat piece of metal, then bent into shape on a metal brake.
      • Enclosure Modification – If you have an existing enclosure, we can customize it with cutouts, replacement panels, and more.
    3. Material
      We stock a variety of popular materials and in multiple thicknesses and colors.
    4. Anodizing
      Enclosures cut from bare aluminum can be anodized after milling.This is most economical for orders of multiple enclosures as it incurs a minimum batch charge.
    5. Engraving and Laser Marking
      If desired, indicate the type (engraving or laser) and placement on your drawing. If you have a preference for size or font, please include that as well.
    6. Drawing
      To give you the most accurate quote possible, we request that a drawing be submitted with your quote request. This drawing does not need to be to be overly tech nical, or to scale, but must include the following information:

      •  Dimensions of the enclosure
        Height, width, depth, etc.
      •  Location of standard cutouts
        Indicate roughly where you’d like your cutouts to be. If the location is specific, include its distance from two edges of the panel.
      •  (Optional) Dimensions, clearances, and locations of nonstandard cutouts
        If your panel includes any cutouts that are not on our list of standard cutouts, please include as much information about them as possible. We may also request a sample of the connector that will be installed in the cutout.