Compliance News You Can Use — February 2014

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Compliance Tip: Non-Compliant Spacings Have you ever had non-compliant spacings? This is also called Creepage and Clearances. Call it what you want, when you don’t have the right distance between certain parts (see below), you need to take action. Uninsulated live parts and accessible dead metal Uninsulated live parts of opposite polarity Uninsulated live parts … Continue reading “Compliance News You Can Use — February 2014”

Compliance News You Can Use — December 2013

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Compliance Tip: Write the NRTL Descriptive Report in Your Favor Before the NRTL finishes their work, it is highly recommended you review the descriptive report so you don’t back yourself into a compliance nightmare. In the report, components of your product are called out in detail – manufacturer name, catalog number, ratings, dimensions, etc. Not all components … Continue reading “Compliance News You Can Use — December 2013”

How Safe are our Safety Standards?

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A recent recall of surge protectors brings up some interesting issues and discussions.  MOVs are a common item used to clamp surge voltages.  However, industry has found that MOVs overheat when subjected to many surges and also overvoltage conditions.  Here’s a good report of one firms findings –  UL addressed the issue in the … Continue reading “How Safe are our Safety Standards?”

DAP Certification and the Compliance Process

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This week we’d like to discuss the various Data Acceptance Programs (DAP) out there.  We are an approved member in UL’s DAP.  It allows us to do the testing without UL having to witness the testing.  If it passes we send the data into UL for them to review and List the products without having … Continue reading “DAP Certification and the Compliance Process”

Product Safety and the Government Shutdown

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There are so many things we can talk about regarding the government shutdown, but we’ll keep it in the realm of safety for today. In case you’re wondering what may happen to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) during this shutdown, they have “Excepted Employees”.  Basically, those employees that are necessary to protect against imminent … Continue reading “Product Safety and the Government Shutdown”

Welcome to the Compliance and Certification Blog

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We’re just getting started but we want it to be a resource for people who need help understanding UL, CE, etc. Certifications and Compliance.  Our intention is to educate and provide insight regarding the Compliance world, sort of a Compliance 101, along with important safety and recall information for the general public.  But since our … Continue reading “Welcome to the Compliance and Certification Blog”

PSC Receives Accreditation by UL

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Lighting and Medical Device Manufactures Have Flexibility When it Comes to Product Safety Compliance Working with an independent lab can shorten development times and reduce expenses June 10, 2010 – Following the successful completion of a rigorous audit by Underwriters Laboratories (Northbrook, IL) this month, Product Safety Consulting, Inc. (Bensenville, IL) announced today that they … Continue reading “PSC Receives Accreditation by UL”

Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat!

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So far in 2013 there have been at least twenty deaths of children unattended in vehicles; ten which has been confirmed as heatstroke and ten which, based upon the known circumstances, are most likely heatstroke.  These incidents can occur on days with relatively mild (~ 70 degrees F) temperatures and that vehicles can reach life-threatening … Continue reading “Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat!”