Compliance News You Can Use — July 2014

Compliance Tip: Designating the Correct Driver Can Save Time and Money

LED Drivers have always been in the Recognized Component program at UL. One problem is being able to use multiple suppliers of Drivers without having temperature testing being repeated. UL was proactive in this regard and has introduced the TL program for Drivers. Get your Luminaire Listed with a TL rated Driver and get alternate Drivers added with no additional temperature testing. Your UL descriptive report still needs to be updated, but getting out of temperature testing speeds up the process. Talk to your suppliers or look in UL’s Category “FKSZ2” to find Drivers with a TL rating. Pick the hottest one your Luminaire can handle and adding lower rated TL Drivers is paperwork.

PSC Update

UL has re-certified PSC for UL’s Data Acceptance Program (DAP). DAP allows UL to accept PSC’s data, shortening development times and reducing expenses.

PSC is has been renewed to conduct testing and submit results as part of the process to obtain the UL Mark on products covered by the following standards:

  • UL 153 Luminaires
  • UL 1598/CSA 250 Portable Electric Luminaires
  • UL 2108 Low Voltage Lighting Systems
  • UL 8750 Light-Emitting Diode Equipment for Use in Lighting Products
  • UL 924 Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment
  • UL/CSA 60601 Medical Electrical Equipment
  • UL/CSA 61010 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use

With all of our services, if non-compliances are found we will work with you to provide recommendations and guidance on how to bring it into compliance.

No one in the world has the breadth of experience we’ve developed over the last 25 years!

You will find both knowledgeable and helpful people at Product Safety Consulting. Quick response times always help the development flow and make submissions almost seem easy.
Brian Titmarsh, BrianT Designs

News & Events

John Allen has accepted Chairmanship of the IEEE’s ISPCE Symposium for 2015. We’re really excited to have the Symposium back in Chicago and our theme for the Symposium is “The Ever Changing Role of the Compliance Engineer.” As compliance engineers we are tasked with being knowledgeable in so many different areas of safety. We must know UL, CSA and IEC Standards, along with European Norms, EU Directives, RoHS, WEEE, REACH, higher scrutiny on recalls, different countries regulatory requirements and methods of claiming compliance, Prop65, Toy Safety, Hazard ID and Risk Assessments being incorporated into our Standards and so much more. We not only have to know the technical requirements and stay on top of new test methods and the latest equipment, we have to be knowledgeable about and stay current with the Regulations, Laws, Directives, etc. Our knowledge base has to be global and we have to be able to explain it all to a variety of different people, from designers to marketing and even corporate personnel.

With all of that, the Symposium has become more important than ever. Here’s a link to their website and the Call for Papers. Please plan on joining us in Chicago in May, 2015 .

Strategies, Services, and Components For Advanced Lighting Manufacturers

Here’s a message from one of our lighting partners that you may find helpful.

Lighting manufacturers face many unique challenges, whether it’s navigating the maze of utility rebates, regulatory compliance, voluntary certifications, or rapidly changing technology. Lighting Solution Development is a consulting firm dedicated to solving the most complex challenges faced by advanced lighting manufacturers. Lighting Solution Development is now offering a free initial consultation for any of its following services:

  • Utility Rebate Strategy and Implementation
  • Recruiting
  • Certification Management for ENERGY STAR, DLC, DOE Lighting Facts, and CA T24 & T20
  • Private-labeled LED luminaires and lamps
  • Regulatory training with Gary Flamm, retired CEC lighting specialist
  • Spec Sheet Development
  • Lighting Layouts
  • Market Research
  • Content Generation For Content Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing For New Channels
  • Product Development
  • Component Sourcing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Motor Design Engineering
  • PR: Press Releases And Trade Press Placement

For more information visit or email

Recent Successes

A Street Light manufacturer submitted their product for Australian Certification. The lab came back with a laundry list of non-compliances. PSC was brought in to help understand the non-compliances, provide recommendations to bring the product into compliance and manage the rest of the project. Within a week, fixes to the product are in place and Certification is right around the corner. And most importantly the orders with several Australian customers will be saved.

A manufacturer thought they had a complete Technical File for claiming CE. One EU customer was scrutinizing their CE mark so PSC was brought in to do a GAP analysis and provide recommendations on how to get the TF in order. Within a week we got the file in order and the customer was saved.

An importer wanted to get their pendant lights UL to fulfill an order. Not only did we get the specific lights Listed, we made recommendations on the design so they can get in the General Coverage category of UL Lighting. The importer now puts UL labels on all their lights without having to go back to UL for re-submissions.