DAP Certification and the Compliance Process

This week we’d like to discuss the various Data Acceptance Programs (DAP) out there.  We are an approved member in UL’s DAP.  It allows us to do the testing without UL having to witness the testing.  If it passes we send the data into UL for them to review and List the products without having to repeat the testing.  Most NRTLs have programs like this and it’s not just for consultants and test labs.  Manufacturers can get in the program and speed up their time to market a great deal.  Can you imagine being in your own lab’s backlog vs one of the NRTL’s backlog?

UL, Intertek, MET and most of the NRTL’s have Data Acceptance Programs.  If you have the equipment and people on staff to do the work, you can get your lab covered so the NRTL accepts your testing.  You get audited by the NRTL to ISO17025 for your Quality System and then they audit your technical people to be sure they know how to do the testing.  Coverage is product category and Standards dependent.

Here’s some links for your research:

If you’d like to learn more or take advantage of our DAP Certification, give me a call or send an email.